AJDC Trading
About Us
Your Go-To Guys.
For the last four years, we have specialized in sourcing the best products and prices for our customers. Our highly experienced team sources and markets goods from Turkey, United Kingdom and Japan, while allowing our customers to save time, money and effort in finding and delivering goods and services that run their businesses. Here are the key factors that make us a key player for our customers:
  1. Customer comes first: We priorities our customers’ needs, big or small.
  2. Ability to offer a wide range of goods and services to choose from for our customers.
  3. Access to unique products that may otherwise be difficult and costly to find.
  4. Manufacture-backed product warranty for products we market, and after-sales services.
  5. Tailor-made shopping lists for those in need of a variety of products, that need to be delivered at the same time-we are able to collect them all into one shipment and have them delivered to our customers.
  6. Ability to find unique business and investment opportunities globally.
We are that critical connection that growing businesses are looking for to explore new economical territories.
Our wide experience in European and African markets means our customers are able to overcome cultural, linguistic and distance barriers to get goods and services they need.
So, let us be your bridge to new business territories!