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This notice describes “ajdc.com.tr” (AJDC Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi) privacy policy. By visiting “ajdc.com.tr” you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy. “ajdc.com.tr” rezerves all the rights to publish and remove any articles, media and products dısplayed on “ajdc.com.tr” or any its associated links. All media and articles published on “ajdc.com.tr” are information purposes only.

It is required for the users to provide “ajdc.com.tr” some personal information (name-surname, company information, telephone, address, e-mail etc.) about themselves by way of membership or filling some forms. “ajdc.com.tr” can use such information for direct marketing that would be made by “ajdc.com.tr” or by persons in cooperation with “ajdc.com.tr” outside the purposes and scope defined in “ajdc.com.tr” Membership Agreement, as well. Personal information can as well be used to contact the user, when necessary. The information requested by “ajdc.com.tr” or the information provided by the user can be used by “ajdc.com.tr” and by persons in cooperation with “ajdc.com.tr”, outside the purposes and scope defined in ” ajdc.com.tr Membership Agreement”; for the purposes of making some statistical evaluations, composing a database or market research; without disclosure of the users

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